Journal History

The logo on the front cover depicts Simon van der Stel, Dutch governor of the Cape of Good Hope from 1679 to 1699, and the founder of Stellenbosch. We have chosen to portray Van der Stel in our logo for reasons of symbolism that relate to his historical significance, his intellectual qualities, and his creole descent. Simon van der Stel was the man who, in founding the town of Stellenbosch, took a deliberate initiative towards establishing the permanency of the young Dutch settlement at the Cape of Good Hope. He has been portrayed as a man endowed with special intellectual qualities, who set great store by clear, factual thinking --- a quality which we value. His creoleness, to us, is symbolic both of the meltingpot from which emerged the South Africa of the 18th century and of the kind of future that we envisage: a future unmarred by the racist divide that plagued our country in the past. Our commitment to a future free of racism, as well as our reasons for portraying Simon van der Stel in the SPiL logo, are stated more fully in SPiL 17 of 1988.