The metaphysics market 5 stocking language as something social

  • Rudolf P. Botha Stellenbosch University


This is the fifth of a series of studies in whichprototypical conceptions of language are turnedinside out. It has to be read together with thefirst four, The Metaphysics Market: 1 MerchandizingLanguage as Matter (= SPIL 20, 1989), TheMetaphysics Market: 2 Billing Language as Behavioural(= SPIL 21. 1990), The Metaphysics Market:3 Selling Language a s Soul (= SPIL 22, 1990) andThe Metaphysics Market: 4 Pushing Language asPlatonic (not to mention Popperian) (= SPIL 23,1991) . I would like to thank Walter Winckler forcontributing generously to the present study too.And I am grateful to Gerhard van Wyk for valuableeditorial assistance .