The generative garden game challenging Chomsky at conceptual combat

  • Rudolf P. Botha Stellenbosch University


So you have heard about The Garden, Dear Reader. And you wish to challenge The Master at his Game. Boldly you aim to stalk him in his sprawlirig maze of forking and intersecting conceptual lanes. I say "boldly" because, as you ought to know, the odds are against you. 'For years The Master has been playing The Game with superb --- some would say, deadly --- skill. Many of intellectual class have come to do battle with The Master about his ideas on language and mind. With woeful consequences, alas! Some entered The Garden, never to reappear. (May their minds rest in peace!) Others left The Garden in undignified hurry --- hurt and, for the rest of their scholarly days, humiliated. Only a few were able to draw blood, to force The Master to aCknowledge a flaw here, to concede a defect there in the foundations of his model of language and mind.


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