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Vol 48 (2017) 'Ja-nee. No, I'm fine': a note on YES and NO in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Theresa Biberauer, Marie van Heukelum, Lalia Duke
Vol 43 (2014) A bidirectional Optimality Theoretic analysis of multiple negative indefinites in Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Kate Huddlestone, Henriëtte de Swart
Vol 47 (2017) A cognitive linguistic exploration of metaphors within the WATER frame in Swami Vivekananda’s Complete Works: A corpus-driven study in light of conceptual metaphor theory Abstract   PDF
Suren Naicker
Vol 47 (2017) A comparative analysis of passive constructions in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa: Grammar and acquisition Abstract   PDF
Anneke Perold Potgieter
Vol 41 (2012) A compromise of rights, rights of language and rights to a language in Eugene Terreblanche’s (ET) trial within a trial: evidence lost in translation Abstract   PDF
Monwabisi Ralarala
Vol 34 (2002) A Deaf Adult Literacy Collective Abstract   PDF
Debra Aarons, Meryl Glaser
Vol 38 (2008) A decline in language rights violation complaints received by PanSALB – The case of Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Marné Pienaar
Vol 13 (1984) A Galilean analysis of Afrikaans reduplication Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 44 (2015) A needs analysis for communication by pharmacists in a multilingual setting: First steps towards syllabus and materials design Abstract   PDF
Kris van de Poel, Tobie van Dyk, Jessica Gasiorek, Inge GE Blockmans
Vol 42 (2013) A note on mental content in the Causal Theory Abstract   PDF
JP Smit
Vol 43 (2014) A note on name individuation and identifying descriptions Abstract   PDF
JP Smit
Vol 48 (2017) A note on root projection and labelling Abstract   PDF
Jochen Zeller
Vol 48 (2017) A note on the periphrastic past in Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Jan-Wouter Zwart
Vol 48 (2017) A preliminary look at negative constructions in South African Sign Language: Question-Answer clauses Abstract   PDF
Kate Huddlestone
Vol 34 (2002) A Psycholinguistic approach to the classification, evaluation and remediation of language disorder Abstract   PDF
Ondene Van Dulm
Vol 43 (2014) A series of foundation phase dictionaries for a multilingual environment Abstract   PDF
Rufus H. Gouws, Danie J. Prinsloo, Mawande Dlali
Vol 44 (2015) Academic literacy of South African higher education level students: Does vocabulary size matter? Abstract   PDF
Déogratias Nizonkiza, Tobie van Dyk
Vol 48 (2017) Acknowledgements Details   PDF
Alex Andrason, Theresa Biberauer
Vol 40 (2011) Afrikaans as an index of identity among Western Cape Coloured communities Abstract   PDF
Alfred Mautsane Thutloa, Kate Huddlestone
Vol 11 (1983) Allen's defence of the Extended OrderingHypothesis: a critical appraisal Abstract   PDF
Thereza C. Botha
Vol 46 (2016) An alternative to the Lewisian view of conventions Abstract   PDF
JP Smit
Vol 26 (1993) An analysis of the vowel production of a profoundly hearing impaired childbefore and after a cochlear multichannel implant Abstract   PDF
Mary-Ann Kemp
Vol 46 (2016) An appraisal of plain language in the South African banking sector Abstract   PDF
Eleanor Cornelius
Vol 19 (1989) An interpretive analysis of quantifier postposing phenomena in Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Johan Oosthuizen
Vol 18 (1988) An interpretive analysis of quantifier postposing phenomena in Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Cecile Le Roux
Vol 41 (2012) Analysing Afrikaans-English bilingual children’s conversational code switching Abstract   PDF
Joanine Nel, Kate Huddlestone
Vol 12 (1984) Aspects of empty categories in Xhosa within the theory of Government andBinding Abstract   PDF
Marianna W. Visser
Vol 47 (2017) Assessing Directionality In Context Abstract   PDF
Stefanie Dose
Vol 48 (2017) At the interface of syntax and prosody: differentiating Left Dislocated and Tripartite Verbless Clauses in Biblical Hebrew Abstract   PDF
Jacobus Naudé, Cynthia Miller-Naudé
Vol 44 (2015) “They do not know much, but then, you have to cover the syllabus”: The quality imperative – a dilemma for teachers’ in early grade multilingual classrooms in Kenyan primary schools Abstract   PDF
Susan Nyaga
Vol 40 (2011) Bridges Over Troubled Waters: Theoretical Linguistics and Multilingualism Research Abstract   PDF
Pieter Muysken
Vol 47 (2017) Central Delta languages: An overview Abstract   PDF
Ethelbert Emmanuel Kari
Vol 25 (1992) Charting the anatomy of linguistic reality Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 42 (2013) Child language assessment and intervention in multilingual and multicultural South Africa: Findings of a national survey Abstract   PDF
Ondene van Dulm, Frenette Southwood
Vol 48 (2017) Cognate objects of weather verbs in African languages of South Africa – from synchronic variation to a grammaticalization path Abstract   PDF
Alexander Andrason, Marianna Visser
Vol 48 (2017) Collapse of genitive and benefactive case in Ecuadorian Quechua? Abstract   PDF
Pieter Muysken
Vol 38 (2008) Conceptual metaphors in South African political speeches Abstract   PDF
Saskia Malan
Vol 39 (2010) Conceptualising English as a lingua franca (ELF) as a tertiary classroom language Abstract   PDF
Ute Smit
Vol 48 (2017) Decomposing V2 Abstract   PDF
Roland Hinterhölzl
Vol 44 (2015) Defining 'plain language' in contemporary South Africa Abstract   PDF
Eleanor Cornelius
Vol 41 (2012) Description of the semantic potential of the si-construction in Basse Mandinka Abstract   PDF
Alexander Andrason
Vol 38 (2008) Developing reading in a first-year academic literacy course Abstract   PDF
Arlys L Van Wyk, Willfred J Greyling
Vol 34 (2002) Did language evolve like the vertebrate eye? Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P Botha
Vol 48 (2017) Die slag toe slim sy baas gevang het Abstract   PDF
Christo van Rensburg
Vol 46 (2016) Die toepassing van die K3-model op die televisieteks 'Colour TV' Abstract   PDF
Jacqueline Setai, Marné Pienaar
Vol 47 (2017) Die vertaling en lokalisering van Terminologie van het tolken vir 'n Suid-Afrikaanse teikengehoor Abstract   PDF
Eleanor Cornelius, Marné Pienaar
Vol 28 (1994) Do second language teachers need to know about parameters? Abstract   PDF
Cecile Le Roux
Vol 39 (2010) EDITORIAL NOTE Abstract   PDF
Christine Anthonissen, Daniel Roux
Vol 43 (2014) Encoding present situations in Mandarin Chinese and isiXhosa: A comparative study Abstract   PDF
Xiujie Ma, Silvester Ron Simango
Vol 40 (2011) English Noun Plurals: A Cyclic Account Abstract   PDF
Andrew van der Spuy
Vol 2 (1979) External evidence in the validation of mentalistic theories a Chomskyan paradox* Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 4 (1980) External Linguistic Evidence:A Nonfalsificationist View Abstract   PDF
Melinda Sinclair
Vol 2 (1979) Extraposition: a new perspective* Abstract   PDF
Jeanne Maartens
Vol 45 (2016) First-year university students’ receptive and productive use of academic vocabulary Abstract   PDF
Déogratias Nizonkiza
Vol 44 (2015) Formulation of court interpreting models: A South African perspective Abstract   PDF
Samuel Joseph Lebese
Vol 45 (2016) Frequency effects and structural change - the Afrikaans preterite Abstract   PDF
Johanita Kirsten
Vol 37 (2007) From Kitaab-Hollandsch to Kitaab-Afrikaans: The evolution of a non-white literary variety at the Cape (1856-1940) Abstract   PDF
Gerald Stell
Vol 45 (2016) From vectors to waves and streams: An alternative approach to semantic maps Abstract   PDF
Alexander Andrason
Vol 48 (2017) Fronting and exhaustive exclusion in Biblical Hebrew Abstract   PDF
Christo van der Merwe
Vol 6 (1981) Generalizations about synthetic compounding in Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Thereza Botha
Vol 48 (2017) Grammatical polysemy and grammaticalization in cognitive and generative perspectives: finding common ground in inter-generational corpora of ancient languages Abstract   PDF
Christian Locatell
Vol 10 (1983) Grammtical prerequisites to phonological change? Abstract   PDF
Paul T. Roberge
Vol 37 (2007) Hazard sign comprehension among illiterate adults Abstract   PDF
Amanda Nicol, Seppo Tuomi
Vol 25 (1992) How many meanings does a word have? Abstract   PDF
John R. Taylor
Vol 33 (2000) How much of language, if any, came about in the same sort of way as the brooding chamber in snails? Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 17 (1988) How to do things with junk:Exaptation in language evolution Abstract   PDF
Roger Lass
Vol 39 (2010) Ice-Candy-Man and In the Country of Men: The politics of cruelty and the witnessing child Abstract   PDF
Annie Gagiano
Vol 43 (2014) Ideology, policy and implementation: Comparative perspectives from two African universities Abstract   PDF
Charlyn Dyers, Jane-Francis Abongdia
Vol 45 (2016) Impact measurement: towards creating a flexible evaluation design for academic literacy interventions Abstract   PDF
Ilse Fouche, Tobie van Dyk, Gustav Butler
Vol 47 (2017) Improving academic literacy by teaching collocations Abstract   PDF
Deogratias Nizonkiza
Vol 41 (2012) Interethnic relations and language variation: language use and identity negotiation among Namibian Coloureds and Whites in interactional settings. Abstract   PDF
Gerald Stell
Vol 48 (2017) Introduction Details   PDF
Theresa Biberauer, Alexander Andrason
Vol 36 (2005) Investigating 'Full Transfer': Preliminary Data From The Adult L2 Acquisition Of Afrikaans* Abstract   PDF
Simone Conradie
Vol 39 (2010) Language and status: On the limits of language planning Abstract   PDF
Lloyd Hill
Vol 38 (2008) Language ownership in multilingual settings: Exploring attitudes among students entering the University of KwaZulu-Natal through the Access Program Abstract   PDF
Andrea Parmegiani
Vol 38 (2008) Language policy implementation in South Africa: How Kempton Park's great expectations are dashed in Tshwane1 Abstract   PDF
Anne-Marie Beukes
Vol 38 (2008) Language shift or maintenance? Factors determining the use of Afrikaans among some township youth in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Charlyn Dyers
Vol 45 (2016) Levelling-out and register variation in the translations of experienced and inexperienced translators: a corpus-based study Abstract   PDF
Karien Redelinghuys
Vol 30 (1996) Linguistic theory and second language acquisition: How not to lose sight of the wood for the trees Abstract   PDF
Cecile Le Roux
Vol 28 (1994) Linguistic theory and second language acquisition: How not to lose sight of the wood for the trees Abstract   PDF
Johan Oosthuizen, Hester Waher
Vol 25 (1992) Linguistics and second language teaching: Anassessment Abstract   PDF
Johann L. Van der Walt
Vol 36 (2005) Meaning-focused vs Form-focused L2 Instruction: Implications for Writing Educational Materials for Abstract   PDF
Sue Ollerhead, Johan Oosthuizen
Vol 44 (2015) Measuring receptive collocational competence across proficiency levels Abstract   PDF
Déogratias Nizonkiza
Vol 30 (1996) Measuring the effect of discourse connectives on discourse comprehension: a cautionary note on the use of free recall Abstract   PDF
Melinda Sinclair
Vol 44 (2015) Mentoring for text editors: Fit for purpose in the era of freelancing, more so than alternative development strategies Abstract   PDF
John Linnegar
Vol 3 (1979) Methodological bases of a progressive mentalism Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 26 (1993) Minding one's metatheory in doing morphology Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 25 (1992) Missing Matthew's meaning. Or: towards a nodding acquaintance with 'Textual Meaning' (and . maybe, with 'Context' too) Abstract   PDF
Walter K. Winckler
Vol 11 (1983) Morphological representation and semanticinterpretation Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 31 (1998) Morphosyntax of verb movement and Afrikaans verbal constructions Abstract   PDF
Eric J. C. Vriends
Vol 36 (2005) Mothers' Judgement Of The Representativeness Of Their Sons' Language Samples In Relation To Abstract   PDF
Frenette Southwood, Ann F Russell
Vol 48 (2017) Movement in the Afrikaans left periphery: a view from anti-locality Abstract   PDF
Robyn Berghoff
Vol 30 (1996) Multilevel syncretism and the evolution of Afrikaans periphrastic possessives with SE Abstract   PDF
Paul T. Roberge
Vol 42 (2013) Multilingualism remixed: Sampling, braggadocio and the stylisation of local voice Abstract   PDF
Quentin Williams, Christopher John Stroud
Vol 48 (2017) Negative exclamatives in Afrikaans: some initial thoughts Abstract   PDF
Theresa Biberauer, Jean-Marie Potgieter
Vol 30 (1996) Neo-Darwinian accounts of the evolution of language: 1. Questions about their explanatory focus Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 48 (2017) Nominal marking in Northern Tshwa (Kalahari Khoe) Abstract   PDF
Anne-Maria Fehn, Admire Phiri
Vol 48 (2017) NPE, gender and the countable/mass distinction Abstract   PDF
Tarald Taraldsen
Vol 33 (2000) Omission and doubling of the temporal auxiliary het in the Afrikaans of an agrammatic aphasic Abstract   PDF
Mary-Ann Kemp
Vol 46 (2016) Omission and other sins: Tracking the quality of online machine translation output over four years Abstract   PDF
Susan Lotz, Alta Van Rensburg
Vol 4 (1980) On Control: An Analysis of Control Phenomena in Afrikaans and an Argument for dispensing withthe Minimal Distance Principle Abstract   PDF
Cecile Le Roux
Vol 8 (1982) On how not to argue about Chomskyan mentalism Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 32 (1999) On reconstructing variation in Cape Dutch (1710-1840) Abstract   PDF
Paul T Roberge
Vol 15 (1986) On schwa Abstract   PDF
Roger Lass
Vol 10 (1983) On South African English vowel system Abstract   PDF
V.N. Webb
Vol 1 (1978) On syntactic constituency and intuitiveabhorrence Abstract   PDF
W.K. Winckler
Vol 2 (1979) On the category status of auxiliaries and the transformation test Abstract   PDF
Alta E. Oosthuizen
Vol 7 (1981) On the Galilean style of linguistic inquiry Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 32 (1999) On the origins of Pitcairn-Norfolk Abstract   PDF
Peter Mühlhäusler
Vol 28 (1994) On the origins of the Afrikaars verbal hendiadys Abstract   PDF
Paul Roberge
Vol 45 (2016) On the structure and variation of ‘hace’ as a temporal expression Abstract   PDF
Antonio Fábregas
Vol 32 (1999) On the testability of theories of language evolution Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 8 (1982) On vowel identification and phonologicaltheory Abstract   PDF
Justus C. Roux
Vol 1 (1978) Phonetic data and phonological analyses Abstract   PDF
J. C. Roux
Vol 2 (1979) Phrasal categories in word formation rules Abstract   PDF
Reinette De Villiers
Vol 12 (1984) Phrasal compounds in Afrikaans: agenerative analysis Abstract   PDF
Marina Savini
Vol 48 (2017) Poetry in South African Sign Language: what is different? Abstract   PDF
Anne Baker
Vol 26 (1993) Possessives and relevance Abstract   PDF
John R. Taylor
Vol 46 (2016) Postulêre werkwoorde in Griekwa-Afrikaans – 'n ondersoek vanuit 'n grammatikaliseringsperspektief Abstract   PDF
Catharina Adriana Breed, Caro A van Aardt
Vol 38 (2008) Pragmatics of classifier use in Chinese discourse Abstract   PDF
Ming-Ming Pu
Vol 33 (2000) Prepositions left and right in Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Johan Oosthuizen
Vol 1 (1978) Protecting general-linguistic hypotheses fromrefutat ion Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 10 (1983) Quantity, resolution, and syllable geomentry Abstract   PDF
Roger Lass
Vol 28 (1994) Reading comprehension research and linguistic pragmatics: Mapping out some unrecognized interdisciplinary common ground Abstract   PDF
Melinda Sinclair
Vol 44 (2015) Reading to Learn: A literature review within a South African context Abstract   PDF
Tracey Jane Millin
Vol 15 (1986) Remarks on grammaticalization,text a~d theories of change Abstract   PDF
Susan Wright
Vol 46 (2016) Representation of Mozambicans in the work domain in the colonial period (1970-1975) in the Portuguese newspaper O Século de Joanesburgo: a multimodal approach Abstract   PDF
Dinis Fernando da Costa
Vol 4 (1980) Roeper and Siegel's Theory of Verbal Compounding: A Critical Appraisal Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 1 (1978) Root transformations as a waste-basket forpotential counter-examples to the Structure-Preserving Constraint Abstract   PDF
Melinda Sinclair
Vol 17 (1988) Rules of conceptual well-formednessand optional vs. obligatory iterativity Abstract   PDF
Melinda Sinclair
Vol 10 (1983) Selkirk's theory of verbal compounding: a critical appraisal Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 17 (1988) Semantic evidence against theautonomy of the lexicon Abstract   PDF
John R. Botha
Vol 25 (1992) Semantic representation and the translation ofpoetry Abstract   PDF
Judith A. Campbell
Vol 31 (1998) Slaying 'the nonselectionist theory' of language evolution Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 25 (1992) Sociolinguistics and first language teaching Abstract   PDF
Kay Mc Cormick
Vol 40 (2011) Some Lessons from Kripke’s A Puzzle About Belief Abstract   PDF
JP Smit
Vol 45 (2016) Some Syntactic Features of Relative Constructions in the Greek New Testament Abstract   PDF
Herman C du Toit
Vol 31 (1998) South African Sign Language - one language or many? A sociolinguistic question Abstract   PDF
Debra Aarons, Philemon Akach
Vol 38 (2008) South African Sign Language and language-in-education policy in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Timothy Reagan
Vol 47 (2017) South African students’ use of delexical multiword units: The trouble with high-frequency verbs Abstract   PDF
Ruth Scheepers
Vol 41 (2012) Specific language impairment as a syntax-phonology (PF) interface problem: evidence from Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Norbert Corver, Frenette Southwood, Roeland van Hout
Vol 32 (1999) Speculations on [X]-Elision and intersonorantic [ʋ] in Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Hans Van Bsetsen
Vol 47 (2017) Students’ use of academic vocabulary in comparison to that of published writers: A corpus-driven analysis Abstract   PDF
Trish Cooper
Vol 37 (2007) Study groups and peer roles in mediated academic literacy events in multilingual educational contexts in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Felix Banda
Vol 12 (1984) Survival, convergence, innovation: a problem in diachronic theory Abstract   PDF
Roger Lass
Vol 43 (2014) Tell-tale signs: reflection towards the acquisition of academic discourses as second languages Abstract   PDF
Louise Olivier, Jako Olivier
Vol 46 (2016) Testing controlled productive knowledge of adverb-verb collocations in junior researchers using English as a foreign language Abstract   PDF
Déogratias Nizonkiza, Kris Van De Poel
Vol 41 (2012) The acquisition of grammatical gender in L2 German by learners with Afrikaans, English or Italian as their L1 Abstract   PDF
Carla Ellis, Simone Conradie, Kate Huddlestone
Vol 42 (2013) The case system of the Vilamovicean adjective – from description to explanation Abstract   PDF
Alexander Andrason
Vol 9 (1982) The Development of the specified subject conditions and the tensed s-condition / propostional islan condition Abstract   PDF
Melinda Sinclair
Vol 43 (2014) The dimensional approach to vocabulary testing: What can we learn from past and present practices? Abstract   PDF
Déogratias Nizonkiza, Karien van den Berg
Vol 42 (2013) The effect of a shared visual context during the presentation of elicitation stimuli on the narratives of young children with and without language impairment Abstract   PDF
Daleen Klop, Monique Visser, Lara Booysen, Yolande Fourie, Delanie Smit, Heleen van der Merwe
Vol 25 (1992) The effects of context on utterance interpretation:Some questions and some answers Abstract   PDF
Melinda Sinclair
Vol 35 (2004) The Evolutionary Linguist's Divining-rod: Restrictive Theory Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P Botha
Vol 48 (2017) The "exotic" nature of ideophones - from Khoekhoe to Xhosa Abstract   PDF
Alexander Andrason
Vol 31 (1998) The final nie in Afrikaans negative sentences Abstract   PDF
Johan Oosthuizen
Vol 27 (1993) The formation of Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Paul T. Roberge
Vol 16 (1987) The generative garden game challenging Chomsky at conceptual combat Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 33 (2000) The interaction of classifiers and syntax in South African sign language Abstract   PDF
Debra Aarons, Ruth Morgan
Vol 12 (1984) The Language Lottery: Promises, Promises... Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 15 (1986) The linguistic thought of J.R. Firth Abstract   PDF
Nigel Love
Vol 20 (1989) The metaphysics market 1 Merchandizing language as matter Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 21 (1990) The metaphysics market 2 Billing language as behavioural Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 24 (1991) The metaphysics market 5 stocking language as something social Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 22 (1990) The metaphysics market3 Selling languages as soul Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 23 (1991) The metaphysics market4 Pushing language as platonic (Not to mention popperian) Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 48 (2017) The name of the fourth river: a small puzzle presented by a fragment of Kora, for Johan Oosthuizen Abstract   PDF
Menán du Plessis
Vol 17 (1988) The portraits of Simon van der Stel, first governor of the Cape Abstract   PDF
Jan B. Bedaux
Vol 8 (1982) The position of the finite verb inAfrikaans Abstract   PDF
Hester Waher
Vol 39 (2010) The presence of a primary male caregiver affects children's language skills Abstract   PDF
Frenette Southwood
Vol 25 (1992) The problem of ethnocentric bias in speech actstudies: Implications for language teaching Abstract   PDF
Cecile Le Roux
Vol 25 (1992) The problem of non-standard utterances used byspeakers of English as a second language attertiary level Abstract   PDF
Rosemary Granger
Vol 14 (1985) The rationality of Chomsky’s linguistics as instantiated by the development of binding theory Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 25 (1992) The relevance of linguistic theories in the analysisof literary texts Abstract   PDF
J.T. Von Groenewaldt
Vol 48 (2017) The secret nominal life of Afrikaans intransitive adpositions Abstract   PDF
Erin Pretorius
Vol 36 (2005) The Shaping Of Cultural Knowledge In South African Translation Abstract   PDF
Jacobus A Naudé
Vol 43 (2014) The Spec-head vs head-Spec Asymmetry: Post-syntactic linearization and the embedded-topicalization paradox Abstract   PDF
Mark de Vos
Vol 38 (2008) The subject marker in Bantu as an antifocus marker* Abstract   PDF
Jochen Zeller
Vol 40 (2011) The Syntactic Structure of the VP in Kihema Abstract   PDF
John Mwesigwa Mugisa
Vol 44 (2015) The use of digit and sentence repetition in the identification of language impairment: The case of child speakers of Afrikaans and South African English Abstract   PDF
Salomé Gagiano, Frenette Southwood
Vol 38 (2008) The validation of language tests Abstract   PDF
Johann L Van der Walt, Faans Steyn (Jr.)
Vol 29 (1995) The World of LanguageA Carrollinian Canvas Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 48 (2017) There is room at the bottom for small linguistic stuff Abstract   PDF
Norbert Corver
Vol 30 (1996) Topics and topica1ization in American Sign Language Abstract   PDF
Debra Aarons
Vol 41 (2012) Toward a computer-aided methodology for discourse analysis Abstract   PDF
Jörn Stegmeier
Vol 37 (2007) Towards a definition of SUBJECT in binding domains and subject oriented anaphors Abstract   PDF
Mark De Vos
Vol 44 (2015) Towards impact measurement: An overview of approaches for assessing the impact of academic literacy abilities Abstract   PDF
Ilse Fouche
Vol 39 (2010) Transitions and translations from Afrikaans to English in schools of the Helderberg area Abstract   PDF
Jean Farmer, Christine Anthonissen
Vol 11 (1983) Translational semantics: a discussion ofthe second edition of Geoffrey Leech'sSemantics: the Study of Meaning Abstract   PDF
Nigel Love
Vol 45 (2016) Using frames to determine ordinary meaning in court cases: the case of “plant” and “vermin” Abstract   PDF
Terrence R Carney
Vol 46 (2016) Using readability, comprehensibility and lexical coverage to evaluate the suitability of an introductory accountancy textbook to its readership Abstract   PDF
Gerrit-Jan Wissing, Anita Seugnet Blignaut, Karien Van den Berg
Vol 38 (2008) Varieties of English in current English language teaching Abstract   PDF
Markus Bieswanger
Vol 34 (2002) Verb second in Afrikaans: Is this a unitary phenomenon? Abstract   PDF
Theresa Biberauer
Vol 35 (2004) Windows On Language Evolution: How Are They Constructed? Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P Botha
Vol 35 (2004) Windows on Language Evolution: What Are They And Wherein Lies Their Virtue? Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P Botha
Vol 5 (1980) Word-based morphology and synthetic compounding Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
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